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As a novelist, Paul has extensive experience of preparing his own texts for publication. His creative writing PhD studies have given him more insights into the creative processes. As well as editing texts such as academic articles, museum captions and archive collections, he has advised other authors on their works and has written reports on both fiction and non-fiction scripts. He is able to give editorial advice on whole texts - regarding structure, characters, narrative voice etc - and also at sentence-level (copy editing and proof reading). This service is also available for poetry.


With his first class degree in Modern Greek, his experience as a translator on an Athens newspaper, and recent work for a Greek charitable foundation, Paul has a deep understanding of translation from Greek to English. He has worked on press releases, academic articles and museum texts, all of which demand very different skills. He has also written briefings about Greek foreign affairs for the international press, condensing large amounts of material into brief and easily read prose. He has translated full length non-fiction books from Greek to English, as well as an academic monograph and several academic articles.

For further information and rates, email Paul direct via the FEEDBACK page on this site.

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