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The Blood Tree

On the cover

Independent Edinburgh - a tourist’s paradise, a citizen’s paradox. It’s 2026. The birth-rate is down in the Council’s ‘perfect city’ and gangs of disaffected kids roam the streets. A break-in at the former Scottish Parliament archive is rapidly followed by two gruesome murders, the victims mutilated and covered with blood-drenched branches.

Under the watchful eyes of the guardians, renegade investigator Quintilian Dalrymple is called in to establish a pattern and to stop the roots of violence spreading.

But Quint’s investigation is driven in a different direction when Edinburgh’s brightest teenagers are abducted to the much-feared democratic state of Glasgow.

What Quint finds there will change his life forever...

Quint Dalrymple faces his toughest case to date in award-winning Johnston’s chilling, ingeniously imagined thriller with its wry, topical backdrop.

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