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Johnston introduces some welcome new characters and a change of scenery by sending his quirky investigator, Quintilian Dalrymple, outside the city state of post-Enlightenment Edinburgh to its hated rival, Glasgow...this futuristic series is still refreshingly original and entertaining Sunday Telegraph

Johnston’s acerbic and inventive Quintilian Dalrymple books are a breath of fresh air. Set in a futuristic independent  Edinburgh, Johnston pits his maverick investigator against political corruption and hyper-violent criminals The Times

“Quint Dalrymple (is) a testy, tenacious detective...a smart move to shift much of the novel to Glasgow” The Sunday Times

The platonic dystopia of Enlightenment Edinburgh is perfect for blending crime stories and satire...a pacy read and all the required elements are there: villains are unmasked, loose ends are tied up, and like revenge, justice is served cold. The Scotsman

Johnston’s series of novels featuring Quint Dalrymple are set in an independent Edinburgh of the near future and prove a mix of science fiction - in the sociological extrapolation of the future of Scotland - and traditional mystery as the sleuth tackles hard cases with a strong element of puzzle and noir atmospherics. Here, a break-in at the Scottish Parliament is followed by gruesome murders which renegade sleuth Quint is  called upon by the authorities to investigate. The quest takes him to the democratic city-state of Glasgow and much mayhem and fascinating adventures         ensue, contrasting the disaffected youth of both cities. A curious and gripping series that grows on the reader and is becoming increasingly popular” Maxim Jakubowski, BOL

An engaging imaginative and enjoyable read and the futuristic setting is well worth a visit Manchester Evening News

Works both as crime thriller and as a deliciously sly stab at the soft underbelly of political pomposity Birmingham Sunday Mercury

An entertaining perspective on familiar locations Scotland on Sunday

Entertaining and brutal with a delicious twist Aberdeen Press and Journal

Johnston uses all his skill to project an all too plausible account of what could happen. This is a chilling novel with a political edge Good Book Guide

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