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The Golden Silence


‘Paul Johnston reveals the Athens that the Greek Tourist Board don’t want us to know about. Dark, terrifying and still shadowed by its past, this is a city that nurses its secrets until the tenacious Alex Mavros rips the curtain aside. This is a grippingly good read’ Val McDermid

‘The Alex Mavros novels are set in Greece (where the author now lives), and this half-Greek, half-Scots private eye is a memorable creation; resourceful, quixotic and sympathetic...this new series is proving to be Paul Johnston’s most trenchant work yet’ Barry Forshaw, Crime Time

'As in all the best thrillers, bullets and fists fly in profusion as Alex (Mavros) follows the trail to the missing girl and finds relationships moulded in the agonising fires of Greece's awful time under the colonels' Guardian

'A capable and compelling crime novel which speeds along, never faltering in pace, to a gripping showdown' Scotsman

'Paul Johnston is one of the most underrated crime writers...The Golden Silence leaves the reader feeling that he should be at least as big as Ian Rankin....Johnston leads us through the story in such a way that it's almost impossible to set this book down...original and high-paced....Mavros is a very likeable character...This book should be top of the list for all crime fiction aficianados. Johnston deserves to be a bestseller with this one.' Shots

'Packed with suspense, intrigue and original storylines...With this gripping, vicious thriller, Paul Johnston proves yet again why he deserves his place on the crime-writing pedestal beside Ian Rankin and Quintin Jardine' Daily Record

'Some good characterisation and exciting moments in this very readable thriller' Sunday Telegraph

'A fast-paced book that keeps twisting and turning to retain your interest' Morning Star

'Fast-moving and exciting, delving into the dark criminal hierarchy of Athens'
Western Mail

'Thrilling...I am pleased by Johnston’s presentation of contemporary Greek society. Mavros is a fine vehicle for shedding light on it while providing entertaining reading. I am an unabashed Mavros fan and look forward to his further adventures'
Athens News

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