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Maps of Hell

On the Cover

I fell into the deepest of holes. I am no one.

I awake in a windowless room - naked, filthy, bruised, robbed of my every memory. I feel inexplicably drowned in a sea of hatred and rage. I…don't know who I am. But I know I must escape.

This is Matt Wells, hero of The Death List and The Soul Collector, as you've never seen him.

Crime writer Matt Wells could never have conjured a plot this twisted - a secretive militia running sick brainwashing        experiments in the Maine wilderness, himself a subject. He knows they've been subconsciously feeding him
 instructions…but for what?

Taunted by maddening snatches of a life he can't trust as his own, Matt's piecing it together: three gruesome killings he's blamed for…and a woman…someone from his past he should remember.

'Johnston is one of the brightest stars in the night skies of mystery fiction' - John Connolly

'Johnston writes with horrifying power' Marcel Berlins - The Times


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