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The Green Lady by Paul Johnston

Half Greek half Scots private investigator Alex Mavros takes on one of his strangest and most daunting cases when he’s asked to trace a man who’s returned from the dead. Wealthy jeweller Eliezer Samuel contacts Mavros after his Uncle Aron is spotted in the streets of Thessaloniki in northern Greece: but that’s impossible – Aron Samuel perished in Auschwitz more than sixty years before.

The case takes an even stranger twist when Mavros, accompanied by Samuel’s enigmatic daughter Rachel, travels to Thessaloniki to question the elderly witness. Ester Broudo denounces Aron Samuel as a traitor and murderer: was he really a Nazi collaborator?

Mavros’s investigation will uncover tragic and terrible secrets from the war and its aftermath, resulting in devastating present-day consequences. As he gradually gets closer to the truth, it becomes disturbingly clear that his client’s daughter Rachel is pursuing her own agenda. But not even Mavros could guess how the case will end...



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