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The Green Lady by Paul Johnston

During the 2004 Olympic Games, Alex Mavros is hired by the wife of one of Greece’s richest men to find her 14-year-old daughter and the half Greek half Scots private investigator embarks on the most frustrating case of his career. Since Lia Poulou disappeared three months earlier, there has been no ransom demand nor any clue to her whereabouts. But how can Mavros find the missing girl if he’s forbidden to question anyone who knew her?

And Mavros, helped by the irascible Fat Man, is not the only one looking for Lia. Others are far less scrupulous in their investigative methods.

When a charred corpse is discovered in a remote farmhouse, followed by a headless body in the ancient stadium at Delphi, Mavros fears that one of his deadliest foes has returned to Greece. Even worse, there seems to be a connection to the Lia Poulou case...



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