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‘The 2004 Athens Olympics provide the backdrop for Johnston’s absorbing fifth mystery…the banter between Alex and the Fat Man helps relieve the often grim action. Johnston does a good job of concealing what exactly is happening and who’s working for whom until late in the game.’ Publishers Weekly

‘This engaging mystery effectively incorporates Greek mythology into its multiple plotlines.’ Booklist

‘This book transports you to a hot Greek summer full of fascinating Greek mythology and superstition including the “Lady” of the title. You also get the feel as to why Greece is in such a financial plight. Recommended.’ Euro Crime.

‘Having finally decided to make extensive use of Greek mythology, Johnston does so to wonderfully nuanced effect. And as he does in each of the Mavros books, Johnston plays his cards close to the best right up until endgame…perhaps the tightest, most straightforward thriller in the Mavros catalog, one which longtime fans of the series will devour, and which can also serve as a wonderful entry into the world of Mavros

for the heretofore uninitiated.’ Elizabeth A. White/ Florida Times-Union

‘“Ancient artifacts and modern underage girls,” sniffs Alex’s old friend Yiorgos Pandazopoulos, aka the Fat Man. If that combination sets your heart racing, Alex is your man.’ Kirkus Reviews

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