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‘What plays out is another wonderfully, deliciously twisted Paul Johnston special…Johnston has cornered the market in some of the most creatively intense storytelling you’ll ever read…you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more satisfyingly challenging and enjoyable read.’ Elizabeth A. White, Musings of an All Purpose Monkey

‘Muscular writing, striated with gallows-humour...the real thrill is the cathartic nature of the proceedings as Wells gets to 'kick serious ass' and ponder the evil that surrounds him and those he has no let up in the action. There are myriad twists, with an interesting insight into the banality of the deranged...there is an existentialist air to the proceedings that provokes thought and introspection...a violently amusing final act. In fact Johnston's sense of humour peppers the darkness of the narrative, making Wells' journey bearable in a world filled with hate and evil. Highly recommended.’ Ali Karim, Shots

‘If you're looking for a crime novel that makes you think then this is it...full of twists and counter twists with plenty of gore as well, while remaining unputdownable.’ Lovereading UK

‘Another cracking book from Paul Johnston...a very compelling series...a very good read, fast paced with some nice twists and turns along the way.’

‘A fast-paced, high-stakes suspense story that will keep you flipping pages.’

‘An action-packed tale that never slows down…Matt is a fascinating protagonist who trusts no one…For Wells fans and readers who enjoy adrenaline, adrenaline and more adrenaline.’ The Mystery Gazette

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