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The Soul Collector

The Soul Collector

Author's Introduction

Series are actually harder to write than stand-alone novels, I reckon. You have to give readers of the previous book more of the same, but you also have to keep them on their toes with something new. And, of course, you need to attract new readers, without giving away the plot of the last book.

So what's new in The Soul Collector?

Matt Wells, having grown rich on the proceeds of The Death List - the true crime book he wrote rather than the novel I wrote of the same name - is still running scared from his ex-lover Sara Robbins, who has sworn revenge. He's also in a relationship with Det. Ch. Inspector Karen Oaten, making his 'extra- curricular' investigations even more risky. And then his best friend is killed…

I've always been keen on complex plots as a reader, and it would be fair to say that there's a lot going on in The Soul Collector - murders of crime writers, devil worship, gang warfare, and tantalizing clues that seem to be designed to mess Matt up as much as lead him to the killer. Or is there perhaps more than one killer?

Well, I hope that whets your appetite. Readers' input is much appreciated. I always reply - even to those who don't like the books. I must be mad…

UK paperback ISBN 9780778302360 Published by MIRA Books, August 2008
US edition ISBN 0778301591 Published by MIRA Books May 2009
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